However, this does not prevent Uranus from being colder than

Ten Interesting Facts About Uranus

canada goose factory sale The gas (and ice) giant known as Uranus is a fascinating place. The seventh planet from out Sun, Uranus is the third largest in terms of size, the fourth largest in terms of mass, and one of the least dense objects in our Solar System. And interestingly enough, it is the only planet in the Solar System that takes it name from Greek (rather than Roman) mythology. canada goose factory sale

But these basic facts really only begin to scratch the surface. When you get right down canada goose outlet reviews to it, canada goose outlet parka Uranus is chock full of interesting and surprising details from its many moons, to its ring goose outlet canada system, and the composition of its aqua atmosphere. Here are just ten things about this gas/ice canada goose outlet online giant, and we guarantee that at least one canada goose factory outlet of them will surprise you.

1. Uranus is the coldest planet in the Solar System:

canada goose clearance sale Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, orbiting at a distance of 2.88 billion km. But it’s still much closer than Neptune, which averages a distance of 4.5 billion km from the Sun. However, this does not prevent Uranus from being colder than Neptune. Whereas the former experiences an average temperature of 72 K ( 201 C/ 330 F), reaching a low of 55 K ( 218 C/ 360 F). canada goose clearance sale

Diagram of the interior of Uranus. Credit: Public DomainIn contrast, the temperatures at the cloud tops on Uranus (which is defined as “surface temperature” for gas giants) averages 76 K ( 197.2C/ 323 F), but can dip as low as 47K ( 226 C/ 375 F). This is due to the fact that, unlike the other official canada goose outlet large planets in the Solar System, Uranus actually gives canada goose outlet shop off less heat than it absorbs from the Sun. While the other large planets canada goose black friday sale have tremendously hot cores, which radiate infrared radiation, Uranus’ core cooled down to the point that it no longer radiates much energy.

2. Uranus orbits the Sun on its side:

canada goose All of the planets in the Solar System rotate on their axis, with a tilt that’s similar to the Sun. In many cases, planet’s have an axial tilt, where one of their poles will be inclined slightly towards the Sun. For example, the axis of the Earth’s rotation is tilted 23.5 degrees away from the Sun’s plane. Mars is similar, with a tilt of about 24 degrees, which results in seasonal changes on both planets. canada goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale But the axial tilt of Uranus is a staggering 99 degrees! In other words, the planet is rotating on its side. All the planets look a bit like spinning top as they go around the Sun, but Uranus looks more like a ball rolling in a circular pattern. And this leads to another strange fact canada goose outlet canada about Uranus Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose coats Uranus, as imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope. Image credit: NASA/Hubble3. A Season on Uranus lasts one long day 42 years: canada goose coats

cheap canada goose uk A sidereal day on Uranus (that is, the time it takes for the planet to complete a single oration on its axis) is only about 17 hours long. But the tilt of Uranus is so pronounced that one pole or the other is usually pointed towards the Sun. This means that a day at the north pole of Uranus lasts half of a Uranian year 84 Earth years. cheap canada goose uk

So, if you could stand on the north pole of Uranus, you would see the Sun rise in the sky and circle around for 42 years. By the end canada goose outlet of this canada goose outlet long, drawn out “summer”, the Sun would finally dip down below the horizon. This would be followed by 42 years of darkness, otherwise known as a single “winter” season on Uranus.

canadian goose jacket 4. Uranus is the second least dense planet: canadian goose jacket

The least dense planet in the Solar System is Saturn. In fact, with a mean density of 0.687g/cm3, Saturn’s body is actually less dense than water (1 g/cm). This means that the planet would float in a pool, provided it were roughly 60,000 km wide. With a canada goose outlet black friday mean density of 1.27g/cm3, Uranus has the second lowest density of any planet in the Solar System.

This low density has an canada goose outlet toronto factory interesting side effect. Despite the fact that Uranus is 14.5 times as massive as the Earth, its significantly lower density canada goose jacket outlet means that you would only experience about 89% the force of gravity, assuming you could stand on canada goose outlet online uk Uranus’ cloud tops.

Canada Goose Outlet Uranus viewed in the infrared spectrum, revealing internal heating and its ring system. Image Credit: Lawrence Sromovsky, (Univ. Wisconsin Madison), Keck Observatory5. Uranus has rings: Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose When it comes canada goose outlet jackets to ring systems, Saturn’s are the most famous. In addition to be canada goose outlet sale colorful and far reaching, they are also highly visible. One could spot them using nothing more than a backyard telescope. But in truth, all the gas and ice giants have their own ring systems, and Uranus’ is the second most dramatic set of rings in the Solar System. cheap Canada Goose

However, these rings are composed of extremely dark particles which vary in size from micrometers to a fraction of a meter hence why they are not nearly as discernible as Saturn’s. Thirteen distinct rings are presently known, the brightest being the epsilon ring. And with the exception of two very narrow ones, these rings usually measure a few kilometers in width.

canada goose black friday sale The rings are probably quite young, and are not believed to have formed with Uranus. The matter in the rings may once have been part of a moon (or moons) that was shattered by high speed impacts. From numerous pieces of debris that formed as a result of those impacts, only a few particles survived, in stable zones corresponding to the locations of the present rings. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka 6. The atmosphere of Uranus contains “ices”: Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Compared to Jupiter and Uranus, Neptune seems quite normal. When one looks at the swirling clouds and eddies that stream across the surface of Jupiter and Saturn, the violent and turbulent nature of their atmospheres is made clear. Uranus, by contrast, appears as a light and uniform blue. infrared) and the flyby conducted by the Voyager 2 spacecraft, some significant things become apparent. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Online For example, Uranus has powerful zonal winds within its atmosphere that can reach up to 250 m/s (900km/h, 560mph), and can generate anticyclonic storms like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (known as the “Dark Spot”). It also has cloud patterns that differ between hemispheres, some canada goose outlet uk of which last for mere hours while others can persist for years or decades. Canada Goose Online

But perhaps most interesting is the presence of certain “ices” in Uranus’ atmosphere. The third most abundant component of Uranus’s atmosphere is methane (CH), which is what accounts for Uranus’ aquamarine color. canada goose outlet store There canada goose outlet uk sale are also trace amounts of other hydrocarbons, such as ethane, acetylene, methylacetylene, and diacetelyne all of which are believed to be the result of methane interacting with solar ultraviolent radiation (aka. photolysis).

Uranus’ Dark Spot, as imaged by the Hubble telescope. Credit: NASA/ESA/L. SromovskyAnd last, there are confirmed traces of water, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide within the layers of Uranus’ atmosphere. And due to the extreme cold, they are suspended in an icy state (hence the term “ice giant”).

7. Uranus has 27 moons:

uk canada goose outlet Like all of the giant planets, Uranus has its share of moons. At present, astronomers have confirmed the existence of 27 natural satellites. However, unlike Triton, Uranus’ larger moons are all believed to have formed from an accretion disk that surrounded the planet, rather than being captured objects. uk canada goose outlet

The largest moons of Uranus are, in order of size, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Oberon and Titania. These moons range in diameter and mass from 472 km and 6.71019kg for Miranda to 1578 km and 3.51021kg for Titania. Each of these moons is particularly dark, with low bond canada goose outlet nyc and geometric albedos. Ariel is the brightest while Umbriel is the darkest.

canada goose coats on sale Each one is comprised of roughly equal amounts of rock and ice, except for Miranda which is made primarily of ice, which may include ammonia and carbon dioxide, while the rocky material canada goose outlet store uk is believed to be composed of carbonaceous material. Their compositions are believed to be differentiated, with an icy mantle surrounding a rocky core. In the case of Titania and Oberon, it is believed that liquid water canada goose outlet new york city oceans may exist at the core/mantle boundary. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk black friday A montage of Uranus’s largest moons: Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon (from left to right). Credit: NASAThe rest of Uranus’ moons, which are either situated within the orbit of Miranda or beyond Oberon, are all connected to Uranus’ ring system, which probably resulted from the fragmentation of one or several small inner moons. All of them are composed of ices contaminated with a dark material, which are most likely organic compounds darkened by exposure to UV radiation canada goose uk black friday.

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Meanwhile, Kotak expects a dilution in Havells EBITDA margins on the back of this transaction. The brokerage states that Havells is set to enter the most competitive market segment of consumer durables. It will be far more challenging for it to execute strongly in the air conditioner market.

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I do believe in the nature, art, beauty connection, just growing up in that beautiful place, being outside and seeing the snow, ice and the trees that feeds creativity. Getting a start there, I started doing commercials and there was a weird window of time where there were a few movies there: Ducks and this Christian Slater movie, Heart, where I was the PA [production assistant].

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When using a hammer, the metal you are working on must be

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No, that’s not an actual TV show you can watch, but only

However, I may sound a note of caution. Owing to the plurality and diversity of India, and centuries of neglect, discrimination and deprivation, many sections of the people will be left behind if we do not pay special attention to them. As Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize winning economist, said, “There is a compelling moral case for equity; but it is also necessary if there is to be sustained growth.

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Hanabeth Luke: When the social movement began and was in its

Artists have a long tradition of expressing and articulating this mood, a mix of idea and emotion. Still lifes are perhaps the most familiar examples: depictions of cut flowers, plucked fruits, harvested vegetables, dead ducks and other (usually) biological items that have been removed from the living and will soon decay (or be eaten). Such studies are said to convey the idea that all things are impermanent, that time moves on and that sooner or later the viewer, too, will be no more.

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